December Newsletter

This Week: We re-visited some of our oldfavorite songs.  We sang, “Ha, Ha This aWay”, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “my Hat, It Has Three Corners”, and werocked our bells to “Jingle Bells” (which does NOT mention Christmas, by theway).  We played a new game, “Oh WinterTree, O Winter Tree, What Color Do I See?”, finding trees in our classroom andnaming their colors.   We looked atshapes, and counted their sides.  Weplayed number Bingo, and the memory game, and we practiced writing our namesevery day.  We got to play and workoutside in the beautiful weather.   We played “Candy Store”, counting out penniesto buy candy that we put into a baggie. Next week we will make a piñata and put the candy bags inside it.  What fun!

Wealso met with our city librarian, who read us some great books and left us afree book once again.     We also said‘good-bye” to Ms. Kamie, our student teacher. We will miss her, but she is coming back next week to be part of ourPolar Express Day. 

Next Week:  We will continue to make things that we cangive as gifts to the people we love. This week it was a suncatcher; next week we will be making refrigeratormagnets.  We are having fun and willcontinue with “candy store”, counting 10 pennies each time and deciding what candyto buy.  We will make 2 pinatas and“thwack” them on Thursday, so that will be the day when your child will have abag of candy in their bookbag.  Also onThursday, we will participate in the annual “Polar Express Day”.   We will not be watching that movie, but wewill be wearing pajamas, drinking hot cocoa and eating popcorn!   Our movie will be “Frozen”.

 WhatParents Can Do:

  1. Put your child in Pajamas for Thursday! (Let me know if we need to help)

  2. Remember, no school Friday

  3. Please don’t buy teacher gifts; instead, donate to our “” project – we are trying to get another ipad;   “Touch It, See It, Learn It, 2 is the name of our project.  If you can’t donate, then be sure and “share” it on Facebook and other media – maybe someone who can donate it will see our need and respond! We already know you love us – you let us teach your children daily!

  4. We will soon be asking you for another round of tissues and wipes – we go through those things so quickly!