School Supply List

Fallon Park Elementary

School Supply List




4 glue sticks

1 Elmer’s liquid glue bottles

2 boxes of tissues

2 packs of baby wipes

Sandwich size Zipper bags

Regular size backpack (no wheels)

Full Change of clothes

Boys – Gallon size Zipper bags

Girls – Quart size Zipper bags

1 Box of Classic Crayola Markers

1 Pack Fine tip dry erase markers (black)


At School:

2 large boxes of tissues

2 packs copy paper

Boys – Gallon Ziploc bags

Girls - Quart Ziploc bags

Dry erase markers

Please label the following items with your

                        child’s name:

Large bookbag

1 box of 8” Crayola or Prang large crayons

1 large pack of baby wipes

1 pair of Fiskar blunt edge scissors

6 glue sticks

Pencil box

Full change of clothes

1 composition notebook

Wish List:

Paper plates

Play Doh

At Home: scissors, crayons, glue, pencils

1st Grade

8 glue sticks

2 eight ounce glue bottles

3 boxes of 24 crayons

1 pair blunt scissors

4 dozen #2 pencils

1 plastic pocket folders (not paper)

2 wide-ruled composition notebooks

3 large boxes of tissues

1 cloth crayon bag with zipper

1 ream white copy paper

1 package multi-colored construction paper

1 pack 3x5 unlined index cards

Dry erase markers

1 large pack of baby wipes

1 box Ziploc gallon size bags

1 box Ziploc bags sandwich size bags


2nd Grade

2 pack dry erase markers

3 boxes Crayons – 24 pack

10 glue sticks

Pair of scissors

2 pack copy paper

1 pack construction paper

5 packs of yellow #2 pencils

4 spiral notebooks      

2 packs wide-ruled notebook paper

3 boxes of tissues

No binders, please

Pencil pouch

2 black & white marbled composition notebooks

1 Sandwich size Ziploc bags

1 Snack size Ziploc bags

1 Quart size Ziploc bags

1 Gallon size Ziploc bags

3rd Grade

2 packs of loose leaf paper (wide-ruled)

2 packs of dry erase markers

1 pack of crayons (24 count)

1 pack of colored pencils

12 Elmer's glue sticks

2 packs of copy paper

1 pencil box

4 packs of regular #2 pencils

1 pack of index cards (lined version) 

4 boxes of tissues

1 box of gallon or sandwich size Ziploc bags

6 one-subject notebooks

4 two-pocket folders

1 pair of fiskar scissors

4th Grade

6 packs notebook paper

10 one subject spiral notebooks

1 ½ in binder (no trapper keepers)

48 pencils (no mechanical pencils)

2 packs highlighters

1 pair Fiskar blunt scissors

1 pack markers

8 plastic folders with prongs

10 dry erase markers

5 boxes of tissues

4 glue sticks

Girls – gallon ziplock bags

Boys – sandwich ziplock bags

1 pack copy paper


5th Grade

5 spiral notebooks

8 thin dry erase markers

1 - 1” binder

1 pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

1 pocket folders

8 or more glue sticks

4 packs of loose leaf paper

3 or more packs of pencils

1 pack of coloring tools (markers, colored pencils, or crayons)

3 boxes of tissues

4 or more highlighters


Boys – gallon size ziploc bags

Girls – sandwich size ziploc bags

1 pack of copy paper